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Outsourcing with a purpose: Building your specialised offshore team


In today’s competitive business landscape, driving a business forward requires a healthy mix of remarkable leadership, processes, and people. People, for this matter, are at the core of every business: every successful organization knows that building an exceptional team of dedicated professionals is a critical aspect to develop to achieve business growth.

At Our Pacific Office, we make it our mission to not just simply provide jobs. We are here to harness the power of local talents while helping our clients achieve success. You can expect nothing less but well-trained and highly qualified specialists bringing your business exceptional value through operational excellence and superior service experience. These professionals are invested and dedicated in your business success and, through continuous management support and human resources training, are equipped to have the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to get the job done well so you can focus on what matters most.

Onshore outsourcing allows you to work with your own Pacific office as an extension of your existing workforce onsite. This enhances internal collaboration and nurturing of close-knit relationships that are essential to success. We are a unique provider of boutique style customisable outsourcing solutions where you can start small and enjoy flexibility as you grow your team.

Establishing a well-functioning relationship with our clients to attract repeat business and build a topnotch reputation is our primary goal and strategy for long-term partnerships. We aim to help you build a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure that your brand’s vision and culture are consistently being represented effectively across all business functions that they support.

Achieve business growth and expand your capabilities with Our Pacific Office. Our cost effective outsourcing solutions provide top tier talent to help grow your business now and into the future. We are a unique provider, operating in a unique, highly sought after location and we pride ourselves on delivering services that allow you all the flexibility to grow and scale your team, when and how it suits your business model.


 Why Fiji?

Just two hours ahead of the Australian Eastern Seaboard, Fiji is an ideal yet often overlooked destination for Business Process Outsourcing. The Philippines and India have long been on the radar of Australian businesses, but did you know that Fiji offers many of the same cost savings with the added benefit of a close cultural alignment; including incredibly strong voice talent? In a business environment, Australians and Fijians share the same strong work ethic, have an open approach to dealing with stakeholders, and will comfortably face and solve the challenges that form part of an average business day.

Our Pacific Office brings value to your business, by working as an extension of your local team – helping you grow and thrive with the skills and resources you need, when you need them.

We’d love to support your growth by helping you build your own Pacific Team. Call us or talk to one of our experts to get your business running with the right people starting today.


The engagement and interactions with the team have been very professional, with the solution providing the flexibility required by the business. We look forward to growing our business with a true “partner”.

Andrew Sidoti - CFO, Pro Tech

Valuable and cost effective service that allows our business to bring the very best of Business Process Outsourcing to our Australian based clients. The team genuinely care about their duties and take great pride in delivering a quality service, all with that famous Fijian smile!

Todd Pavlou - Director, Safe Hands Business Solutions